• Nick Sorrentino

Flip the Internet 'kill' switch : Zimbabwe shuts down internet amid violent response to gas protests

Egypt turned off the Internet during its unrest a few years ago. Just like that, the Internet went away. Americans would be wise to pay attention to these instances of government using an Internet kill switch to surpress the sentiment of the people. There are lessons to be learned and red flags to watch for.

(From NBC)
"The total shutdown of the internet is simply to enable crimes against humanity," he told Reuters. "The world must quickly step in to remove this blanket of darkness that has been put on the country."
Authorities have yet to respond to the allegations of a crackdown by security forces, but increasing numbers of Zimbabweans believe Mnangagwa is falling back on the tactics of his predecessor Robert Mugabe in using intimidation to crush dissent.
The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights has said it had treated 68 cases of gunshot wounds and 100-plus other cases of "assaults with sharp objects, booted feet, baton sticks" and more. Hungry residents of the capital, Harare, who ventured out seeking food reported being tear-gassed by police.

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