• Nick Sorrentino

Former NJ AG: ‘There’s a reason’ FBI arrested Stone 'fully armed,' but not clear yet (RIGHT)

Of course there's a reason why the FBI went in to arrest Roger Stone all commando mode. They wanted to make as big a spectacle as humanly possible. Mueller went full on third world this morning. That CNN happened to show up right when all the camera friendly drama was going down is of course just a coincidence.

This is political theater pure and simple and part of Mueller's effort to embarrass the president as much as possible. Mueller's a cop with deep ties to agencies that want Trump disgraced and this is part of that effort. Mueller has to show something for his work. Perhaps he has something. But if history shows us anything about Mueller's indictments it's that he very likely may not. He likely has small things that he hopes he can turn into bigger things. We'll see. But Stone may end up like Manafort and Flynn, which is to say arguably railroaded.

As for Stone, he's a weird guy. Who knows what's up with him? Who knows what's up with any of these guys? Perhaps the next time there's a Democrat president we can also have an ongoing impeachment effort with a special council from day one with a best friend who was fired for perceived collusion with the Washington DC bureaucracy.

Consider also the Hillary Clinton is walking around without any pressure form the FBI. Tell us that doesn't stink to high heaven.

Politicians are politicians. But this is still all about, it appears, that the Dems are angry that Wikileaks exposed that the Democrats were rigging the primaries. Let's not forget that. Who knows what will happen? Maybe Trump goes down before 2020. Maybe he doesn't. Maybe the Democrats beat back the middle class revolt. Maybe they don't. Frankly the country's exhausted. Anyone who still has any faith in government at this point really should be assessed by a professional.

(From The Hill)
"This is a standard procedure to arrest someone when you don’t have a belief that they’ve come in voluntarily," Milgram told CNN's "New Day" on Friday morning. "It could be that they’re afraid he’ll flee, it could be that there’s evidence he would destroy and they clearly wanted the element of surprise." 
"They’re going in at the crack of dawn with agents fully armed and there’s a reason," she added. "We don’t know that fully yet, but there’s a reason they did that." 

As we said - you bet there's a reason, and everyone knows it. 3rd World USA. Great.