• Nick Sorrentino

France suspends new 'climate change' taxes

Across France and even in other parts of Europe the largely middle class "yellow vest" movement has erupted in response to new fuel taxes imposed by Paris on commuters and farmers. In the most extensive civil unrest in France since 1968 people have spilled into the streets to oppose President Macron and the levies imposed in the name of fighting'climate change'. Many see it as a bridge too far. France is taxed to the teeth already. Many have simply had enough. And they showed it.

In a win for Les Deplorables the highly unpopular Macron has agreed to suspend the new taxes for 6 months. He seeks to buy time and to quell resistance over the next half year.

(From Thompson Reuters)
The French government on Tuesday suspended planned increases in three taxes on fuel for a six-month period starting Jan.1 in response to nationwide protests against high pump prices and living costs, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced.

The fight isn't over.