• Nick Sorrentino

French riot police using semi-automatic weapons with live ammunition against Yellow Vest protestors

Macron, France's chief Davos Man, or at least chief political Davos Man remains under siege. His climate change fuel taxes sparked the unrest but even with the taxes suspended (they aren't gone) anger continues to spread.

To date the Yellow Vest revolt appears to be a middle class revolt. Sort of a particularly French, and more militant TEA Party. (Though taxes are not the only beef by any means.)

In response Paris is now using live ammo.

From The Daily Mail
Officers were filmed brandishing Heckler & Koch G36 weapons by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on Saturday afternoon.
The presence of semi-automatic rifles at a demonstration by unarmed French citizens shows how President Emmanuel Macron’s law and order crisis spirals. 
It comes after former conservative minister Luc Ferry called for live fire to be used against the ‘thugs’ from the Yellow Vest movement who he says 'beat up police'. 

Revolution is in French blood.