• Nick Sorrentino

French yellow vest protesters to march in Versailles

"Watch them bow their heads to die, as we would bow as they rode by..." - Rush, Bastille Day

Every revolt (what we see here) and every revolution goes though different periods of development. In college your editor spent half a year studying different theories of revolutions. (Mostly marxist revolutions). One thing they all had in common was that they were amorphous. This will likely be the case with the yellow vests. But one thing does seem to hold so far with this movement, and that it is a middle class movement, a bourgeois movement. The long derided Les Deplorables, the people of French "flyover country" have had enough of Macron and the Davos Man mentality. The yellow vests rightly understand that Paris cares little for them, and Brussels the capital of the European Union cares for them even less.

As such, in classic French style they are taking to the streets, and coming for Versailles, the symbol of French governmental decadence and arrogance.

It is worth noting that when Macron became president the European Union anthem was played and not La Marseillaise. (The French national anthem.)

(From Reuters)
The Versailles chateau and gardens, a symbol of French state power and one of Europe’s top tourist attractions, will be closed on Saturday as authorities expect hundreds of protesters in the wealthy suburb, 20 km (12 miles) west of Paris.
Jean-Jacques Brot, prefect of the Yvelines region, told reporters the demonstration would be confined to the city’s central avenue, well away from the palace and shopping areas.
Versailles was a focal point of the French revolution and the October 1789 march on the palace by the Parisian mob led to overthrown and subsequent execution of King Louis XVI.