• Nick Sorrentino

(From The Hill) Inside DOJ and FBI: Anatomy of a bloodless coup?

"This suggests that, indeed, a small political faction inside the U.S. government attempted to sway a presidential election — and used our country’s counterintelligence assets to do it."

It's a bold headline but we have watched the counter-Trump efforts from day to day from development to development and this is not far from our assessment of the situation. It appears that some very serious things happened in Obama's executive branch leading up to and after Trump's election. Things that may have undermined the Republic itself. Brennan (who once voted for the Communist Party presidential candidate but still ended up the head of the CIA), Clapper (who was the 4th or 5th choice because qualified people didn't want to work under Obama), Ohr, McCabe, Comey, we know the players. It appears that they were unable to achieve their alleged goal. Now they are increasingly exposed.

Well guys, aftermath can be a real pain for unsuccessful "generals".

(From The Hill)
Partisans on one side might suggest the only explanation is political — that is, that like Steele, Ohr and McCabe were Clinton supporters who wanted to ensure Trump’s defeat. This point of view is hard to rebut, given what we now know about text messages between former FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, indicating they, too, were determined to prevent a Trump presidency.
Ohr has said he subsequently shared the information with three other DOJ employees, but none was in his chain of command, or even in the deputy AG’s office. (Two of them subsequently — coincidentally? — joined Mueller’s Russia collusion investigation.)