• Nick Sorrentino

Google employees call on company to partnering on Chinese censorship tool

Google is partnering with the Chinese government to create a censored Internet. The effort is called Project Dragonfly.

Google wants to be a full participant in the Chinese marketplace. That marketplace is manipulated sadly by a deeply authoritarian government.

The company should be better than this. But crony capitalism, and the ensuing riches are tempting.

(From Bloomberg)
A group of Google employees has signed a public letter calling on the company to abandon its plans for a Chinese search product that censors results.
Project Dragonfly, as the initiative is known, would enable state surveillance at a time when the Chinese government is expanding controls over the population, according to the letter signed by at least 10 workers, predominately software engineers and researchers. The document also called on management to commit to transparency, be accountable and provide clear communication.

Good luck.

We mean that.