• Nick Sorrentino

Google employees consipired against Breitbart?

They sought to keep Breitbart off of the Adsense network which is an ad program that is vital to the monetization of websites. If one wants to make money online, Adsense is by far the most important game in town. Adsense dominates ads the way Google at large dominates search.

The reason for the anti-Breitbart sentiment was supposed "hate speech" on the site. First, that term is thrown around too readily. For some merely questioning why some people think there are more than 2 genders constitutes hate speech. Too often the tag of "hate speech" is just a tool of PC bullying. Breitbart is a direct competitor to the old media, which no doubt is a big factor here. The old media have been fighting back against new media particularly since Trump's win, but long before that too. The Dems know that the old media is theirs, and the old media know the Dems will work on their behalf in government. Neither the Democratic Party nor the Washington Post or New York Times want a real competitor in the media space with a broad audience and real messaging power. Second, if one has ever actually read Breitbart one knows that "hate speech" is not Breitbart's style. Yes it's conservative. But a fountain of "hate"? I don't think so.

Google is a private company, though a deeply crony company also that relies to some degree on government contracting paid for by American taxpayers. Despite this, because it's not a government entity it can do what it wants, but the company's actions should be of concern to anyone who believes in freedom of expression. That Google contracts with the government (the US taxpayer) is important factor here and a potential area of exposure on this topic for the company. Consider also that some at Google didn't want to do business with Breitbart, but are happy to do business with the Chinese Communist Party. Google's "Project Dragonfly" seeks to create a highly censored Internet in China. So Breitbart bad. Chinese Communist Party, AOK?

(From The Daily Caller)
Google employees sought to block Breitbart from Google AdSense less than one month after President Donald Trump took office, leaked emails from the company reveal.
Google employees sought to use alleged “hate speech” as a pretense for banning Breitbart from taking part in the advertising program, the emails show.
Barring Breitbart from the advertising program would have a devastating effect on the site’s ad revenue as Google accounts for roughly 37 percent of all digital advertising revenue.

For many websites, if not most commercial websites, Adsense constitutes a much higher percentage of ad revenue. It is a lifeline in many respects.