• Nick Sorrentino

Grave Of Karl Marx Smashed In Hammer Attack

I think it's great that in order to keep the gravesite going there is a fee to visit the site. No word on whether the attacker paid.

(From Zerohedge)
While the neo-socialist ideas of AOC, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have taken America's left by storm in recent days, not everyone seems enamored with the idea of wealth redistribution in general, and its founding father, Karl Marx, in particular.
The tomb of iconic German philosopher/genocidal demagogue (depending on one's point of view) Karl Marx, located at London’s Highgate cemetery, will "never be the same again" after it was vandalized in a hammer attack, the Guardian reports. The vandal damaged a marble plaque which was taken from Marx’s original 1883 gravestone and incorporated into the 1954 monument.