• Nick Sorrentino

Green (Watermelon) New Deal: "Green" on the outside, (commie?) red on the inside

We wish it wasn't true. We at The Sorrentino consider ourselves environmentalists. We are advocates for nature. We like clear skies. We like verdant unspoiled forests. We like surfing clean waves on warm spring mornings on the Outer Banks. We are GREEN, but we are small government green, a philosophy that holds that property rights can be and should be the way forward on most environmental matters.

This flies in the face of much of the modern environmental movement that sadly embraces the state as environmental protector even though the state is by far the greatest polluter there has ever been. Additionally one can argue, convincingly, that broad environmental regs so championed by many enviros can often contribute to worse pollution and destruction as government and corporations move their responsibility for externalities (chemical emissions etc.) to the taxpayer instead of being subject to attacks in the courts from harmed stakeholders.

Fine. This is a matter of "which way best". What's the best way to have a clean planet. This is an important debate.

There are those however who embrace being "green" not because they particularly care about the environment at all however. They embrace being "green" because it is a means to an end. "Green" regs give power to the government which is what some people, like Ms. Ocasio Cortez for instance, want desperately. They want to hold the societal reins and long for economic totalitarianism. A "green" environment is secondary at best. A carbon tax for these people for instance is not about curbing carbon emissions, it is about taxing AIR. It's about the control it gives the government, the state, over the economy (the power to tax is the power to destroy). If the sky is a bit clearer great, but the goal fundamentally is control, coercion and subjugation of the individual.

(From The American Spectator) seems more than ironic that so many former communists, when the Cold War ended, ran for the woods. It was the ideal ideological refuge. Rocks and frogs cannot tell the commie “environmentalist” to go jump in a lake. They can’t tell the central planners to take a hike back to their air-conditioned offices in Manhattan or coffee shops in Berkeley. Thus, for socialists, here’s the perfect constituency to wield government power and manage people and property.
If Marx and Engels were alive today, they would be writing manifestos on ecological “social justice” at some silly university. Today, their disciples at People’s World urge left-wingers everywhere to “Get on board the… Climate Train.” The head of Communist Party USA hails modern ecological warriors as “climate justice activists” battling for a crusade of “green socialism.”

The author is dead on here and more people should be aware of the "watermelon" phenomenon. Recycling and bike lanes are one thing. The real goal for the watermelons is to micro manage individuals relentlessly and to break any sense of human independence. The goal is to tie the average person ever more to the state, to make sure the everyday person is dependent on the state (state feudalism), to make sure the average person is addicted (one way or another) to the state. Watermelon environmentalism is a great way to do this and that is what the Green New Deal is all about.

And yet, lest you think that Ocasio-Cortez and friends really want to ban airplanes, forget it. The jets will be there for the leisure of the limousine liberals, the champagne socialists, for the planners, for the rulers rather than the ruled, for the masters rather than the masses. The Proletariat, the rabble, what Marx called the lumpen proletariat — they will get sandwiched into the boxcars. The smart people, the party apparatchiks, they fly first-class.