• Nick Sorrentino

Guess what? The NFL is a 'welfare queen', and likely so is your team

Sorry folks, but the NFL has been playing taxpayers for suckers for a very long time. Crony stadium deals. Crony advertising deals. Special tax breaks. You name it. It's one of the reasons this football fan doesn't follow the NFL anymore.

Consider that many of the taxpayers who pay for stadiums for hyper-rich team owners don't even have enough money to take their family to a game.

(From Reason)
And when it comes to already-rich people getting poorer people to fund their stadiums, Atlanta is not unusual. The Oakland Raiders got $750 million of taxpayer money to move the Raiders to Las Vegas.
"In the last two decades…taxpayers across the country have spent nearly $7 billion on [NFL] stadiums," according to a Huffington Post article.
In fact "12 teams … actually turned a profit on stadium subsidies alone," according to a Fox News report.

Go team...