• Nick Sorrentino

Has Mueller Secretly Subpoenaed Trump?

In the dark corners of legal Washington Mueller is doing his thing. What that thing actually IS we'd all like to know.

(From Politico)
But now, thanks to Politico’s reporting (backed up by the simple gumshoe move of sitting in the clerk’s office waiting to see who walks in and requests what file), we may know what Mueller has been up to: Since mid-August, he may have been locked in proceedings with Trump and his lawyers over a grand jury subpoena—in secret litigation that could tell us by December whether the president will testify before Mueller’s grand jury.

There is hope of course among many that this is indeed what will happen. The hope is also that the Dems will take the House. Mueller will do whatever he is going to do with whatever justification he has. Then Nancy Pelosi and company will move to impeach the President for...something.

The thing is 2/3 of the Senate would then have to vote to remove Trump and that unlikely in the extreme to happen. But the Democrats will feel as though at least they landed a couple heavy blows.

Whether it's good for the country is another question however.

Some, will say that any amount of resources to get Trump, that sonofabitch, is worth it. It also keeps the heat off of the Dems. What happened during the Obama administration leading up to Trump's inauguration needs to be explored much more. This is potentially an existential issue for the Democrats given what we know transpired within the FBI and elsewhere during that time.

But an offense is a good defense and the Dems know they have to play excellent defense to survive. They DO NOT want any real examination of the presidential transition time and how the whole "Russia collusion" trope was floated by friends in the bureaucracy and legacy media. Our bet is that would expose important people in the Democratic Party to serious consequences.

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