• Nick Sorrentino

Hawaii wants to ban cigarettes from the state

And at this moment every Chinese crony with a connection on the Honolulu docks is ringing up his suppliers. There will soon be BIG money to be made.

Cigarettes are terrible. We say this as former smokers. But prohibition? That is far far worse. One is just asking for crime and corruption.

On the upside smoking weed is legal in the islands. And if one gets particularly desperate one can still vape - for time being.

(From Fox News)
A Hawaii state lawmaker has proposed legislation to effectively ban cigarette sales by raising the minimum smoking age to 100 over the next several years.
Democratic state Rep. Richard Creagan’s bill would raise the minimum legal smoking age, currently set at 21, in stages -- to 30 starting in 2020 and eventually to 100 by 2024. If approved, the restrictions would only apply to cigarettes—not e-cigarettes, cigars or chewing tobacco.