• Nick Sorrentino

Hint to Maduro?*‘5,000 Troops to Colombia,’ Reads Bolton Notepad

There will be no tears shed for Maduro here when he is finally gone. He, and Chavez before him (Chavez's favorite daughter is a billionaire reportedly, wonder how that happened?) raped Venezuela of the resources they could get their hands on, and then as their socialist dreams imploded took the people of Venezuela over the edge. Venezuela should not be poor. It is poor however because of Chavismo, Venezuelan socialism.

Again the rule holds; A little bit of socialism, a little bity of economic collapse. A lot of socialism, a lot of economic collapse eventually.

But should we the US be in the business of kicking heads of state out of office? We'd say no. That's just inviting trouble down the road.

John Bolton, the most prominent neocon in the Trump administration, and National Security Advisor, would probably disagree however. He tends to like "regime change".

(From Bloomberg)
Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro may wonder whether President Donald Trump is trying to rattle him.
On Monday, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton entered a press briefing on new Venezuela sanctions with a yellow legal pad, accidentally -- or not -- turned to face gathered reporters and photographers. On the pad appeared a hand-written note: “Afghanistan --> welcome the talks. 5,000 troops to Colombia.”

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*Of course it's a "hint".