• Nick Sorrentino

How Disney killed the Star Wars franchise with political correctness

To be fair George Lucas set Cathleen Kennedy up for failure. The prequels were SO bad. But then the movies after the horrible prequels were arguably even more terrible. What's worse was the effort to completely feminize everything about Star Wars. The lead was female now, (OK nothing wrong with that. The actress is quite good actually.) But the effort to erode the masculinity of the franchise was ridiculous. In addition there was the effort to undermine "The Force" (and by extension religion generally) as nothing more than superstition. In the end Luke Skywalker is a washed up old man, full of anger whose reverence for The Force was misguided all along. (Wasn't that the force was REAL kind of the whole point of the original movies?) Now in Cathleen Kennedy's galaxy the ancient scripts mean nothing. No value.

Oh, and don't forget the part where Laura Dern (I think it was Laura Dern) tries to "womansplain" to the young male hothead pilot jock how it is that things were going to be in The Last Jedi. It was like the sociology department at UC Davis took over the galaxy or something. Let me tell you, that's the crowd I want leading me into space battle.

In the end it looks like Kennedy blew up the franchise in her PC quest. Too bad. Star Wars was a key part of my childhood. Thanks a lot.

(From Captain Capitalism)
Episode VIII - The Last Jedi was such a betrayal to Star Wars fans that people essentially boycotted the next movie, Solo.  Solo's performance was so bad, it only got an abominable .0019% GDP, a mere 1/20th what Episode VI pulled in.
Or in plain English - Kathleen Kennedy wiped out 95% of the Star Wars franchise value.
Now we have to be fair.  The original trilogy was so revolutionary and from a different time that it really isn't fair to compare Kathleen Kennedy's modern day remakes to George Lucas' original movie productions (remember when Hollywood did those?  Originals?  Never mind, it's a Gen X thing, you youngin's wouldn't understand).  Also, it's not like the Star Wars franchise didn't go down in value with the release of the prequels.  So in intellectual honesty, I opted to compare Kennedy's performance to the prequels, as the franchise had already gone down in value as a consequence of those, and any further deterioration could logically be attributed to Kennedy and her politics.

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