• Nick Sorrentino

Electric Therapy Is Helping Navy SEALs With PTSD … (But that might be just the beginning)

One of the great achievements of humankind is the degree to which, in some instances, we have been able to reduce and sometimes eliminate some forms of human suffering. The hell that many people with PTSD and other mental aillments face can be profound primarily for the imediate sufferer, but also for the people around the person who is directly suffering. That there are new treatments emerging is great cause for hope.

(From Defense One)
The lab is about one-third of the way through a double-blind clinical trial that may lead to FDA approval, and so Won was guarded in what he could say about the results of their internal studies. But he said that his team had conducted a separate randomized trial on 86 veterans. After two weeks, 40 percent saw changes in their symptoms; after four weeks, 60 did, he said...
...“I think, in the future, there will be a discussion about whether this should be first-line management. What can we do to address the functional issues at play? There’s a whole lot of science to do before we get there,” he said.

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