• Nick Sorrentino

How the left is profiting from Trump hate

Brought to you by Unilever, the makers of Axe body spray.

This is so true. I certainly see it here is the Berkeley of the Blue Ridge, Charlottesville Virginia. (Asheville also claims this moniker. Neither East Coast town is close to the looniness of the real Berkeley, but old C-Ville is plenty loony.) Things are being sold all over with Trump hate, chief among them media, but the new Ben and Jerry's "resist" flavor is absolutely hilarious.

Do people not understand that they are being played?

Of course they don't. By the way why don't you run out and buy some "never-Trump" brand cigarettes while you're at it?

Also, and forgive us for saying it, it's not surprising that ICE CREAM is being sold to the pink hat crowd. Talk about a prime demographic for one's product. It's a harsh truth, but it is a truth.

(From The New York Post)
Raging against President Trump for profit is no longer just for the media. Now everybody’s getting in on the act. Resist! By buying our ice cream. Fight oppression! With this lovely coffee mug. Show your disdain! With this 25th Amendment shower curtain. No wonder the economy’s booming. The election of Donald Trump may have given a big boost to the stock market last year, but this year he’s been an absolute godsend for the shlock market.
Ben & Jerry’s, that legendary social-justice dessert created by two New Yorkers who fled to the second-whitest state in America and which is now owned by the multibillion-dollar conglomerate Unilever, is bravely leading the march against Trumpism via its diversity-drenched Pecan Resist flavor, “a movement to lick injustice and champion those fighting to create a more just and equitable nation for us all.” It’s the sweet treat that reminds us that progressivism is nutty: chocolate ice cream with pecans, walnuts, fudge-covered almonds and white and dark fudge chunks. A quarter of a container heaves with 300 calories. Be Antifa, not antifat.

America is a great country. Our business is indeed business.