• Nick Sorrentino

How the media protected Harvey Weinstein for decades

The "media" is quite powerful. They create and manipulate images. They, in this country, are are almost exclusively pro-Democratic Party. They protected and promoted Obama propaganda style. They protected and promoted Hillary Clinton in the same way. The media is arguably the most powerful part of the Democratic Party. We shouldn't be surprised therefore to find out that Harvey Weinstein, the semi-bearded sex shark of Hollywood (one of them anyway) was protected while he intimidated and exploited people in the business. The media protect their own.

(From The Daily Beast)
The New Yorker’s Ken Auletta opens up about his lengthy 2002 profile of Weinstein in the magazine, and how he’d failed to include any abuse allegations in the piece—even though he’d managed to track down Perkins in Guatemala, and heard the sex-abuse rumblings. A.J. Benza, the former Daily News gossip columnist who Weinstein is said to have used to help kill negative stories, features prominently, as does New York magazine’s Rebecca Traister, who recounts a bizarre incident where Weinstein repeatedly called her a “c**t” at a glitzy Manhattan soiree before putting her then-boyfriend Andrew Goldman, also a journalist, into a headlock and punching the top of his head in front of a gaggle of partygoers and paparazzi.
“I never saw one photo,” Traister says in the film, even though “hundreds” were snapped of Weinstein manhandling the reporter.

What a surprise. Kind of like how no one anywhere could ever find those Hillary Clinton Goldman Sachs speeches. No one took notes. No one recorded anything on their phones.