• Nick Sorrentino

How the Nazis Converted German Agriculture to Socialism

One thing one must always remember with the Nazi's (The National Socialists.) Their name wasn't just for show. Nazis were/are socialists. There's no way around it. Yes, they fought it out with the International Socialists, but Hitler was a socialist. (And a vegetarian by the way.) Nazis are for centralized power and planning and planned economies and the denial of property rights and other fundamental rights of man just like any classically marxist socialist.

All Nazis are socialists, but not all socialists are Nazi's. That is how it works. National Socialism, aka fascism, is schism offshoot of traditional Marxist socialism.

(From Mises)
In Human Action , Ludwig von Mises identified two patterns for the realization of socialism. The first, which he called “the Lenin or the Russian pattern” is “purely bureaucratic. All plants, shops, and farms are formally nationalized.” The second pattern, Mises said, is “the Hindenburg or German pattern,” and Mises claims that this was the means by which the Nazis established socialism in Germany.
Mises goes on to describe what this pattern of socialism looks like:
The second pattern . . . nominally and seemingly preserves private ownership of the means of production and keeps the appearance of ordinary markets, prices, wages, and interest rates. There are, however, no longer entrepreneurs, but only shop managers.(Betriebsführer in the terminology of the Nazi legislation). These shop managers are seeming instrumental in the conduct of the enterprises entrusted to them; they buy and sell, hire and discharge workers and remunerate their services, contract debts and pay interest and amortization. But in all their activities they are bound to obey unconditionally the orders issued by the government’s supreme office of production management. This office (the Reichswirtschaftsministerium in Nazi Germany) tells the shop managers what and how to produce, at what prices and from whom to buy, at what prices and to whom to sell. It assigns every worker to his job and fixes his wages. It decrees to whom and on what terms the capitalists must entrust their funds. Market exchange is merely a sham. All the wages, prices, and interest rates are fixed by the government; they are wages, prices, and interest rates in appearance only; in fact they are merely quantitative terms in the government’s orders determining each citizen’s job, income, consumption, and standard of living. The government directs all production activities. The shop managers are subject to the government, not to the consumers’ demand and the market’s price structure.This is socialism under the outward guise of the terminology of capitalism. Some labels of the capitalistic market economy are retained, but they signify something entirely different from what they mean in the market economy. (pp. 713-14)

Sorry antifa but you have more in common with Nazis than you understand.

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