• Nick Sorrentino

Howard Schultz 'freaked out' by Democratic backlash to independent presidential run

The far left is losing their coffee beans over the possibility of a Howard Schultz independent presidential run. Who is this guy messing up their effort to turn the USA into Venezuela/North Korea err... um... we mean Denmark? Democrats who, despite their dislike of the current president might see Schultz as a more viable option to the radical policies coming from the likes of Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. This guy. This MAN. This BILLIONAIRE might screw things up for the collectivist economic totalitarians.

(From Fox News)
The intense nature of the criticism stunned Schultz, people close to him tell FOX Business. While he expected some carping, he did not foresee the ferocity of some of the vitriol, particularly from the party’s top officials and operatives. In addition to the barrage of criticism from leading Democrats, Schultz was also blindsided by the grass roots blowback, including being heckled during an event in New York City to promote his new book.
One person with knowledge of Schultz’s reaction to the attacks said he is “freaking out” about the criticism; another person described Schultz as being “surprised” by the severity of the Democratic Party backlash.
According to Schultz advisor Bill Burton, “There is a big difference between the noise coming out of the beltway and what the American people are telling us. And while there has been a lot of shouting from the professional political class, Howard is undeterred.

Well, we'll see.