• Nick Sorrentino

Howie Carr: White lies catch up to Elizabeth Warren (She admits she's not a 'person of color')

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Well no kidding? You mean Ms. Warren admits that the whole "I'm an Indian" ruse, the ruse that helped her secure a position at Harvard which was then a springboard to national prominence, is balloney? NO. We, we just do not believe it. It just couldn't be.

Of course every thinking person familiar with Ms. Warren and her supposed ancestry knew the deal with her. We all did. The people who don't like her. The people who DO like her. We all knew that in all likelihood the "I'm an Indian" thing was a big lie. But, because Ms. Warren is of a lefty statist disposition she was given special license to continue with the silliness. The kind of silliness anyone not of Warren's and the old media's party would have been raked over the coals for. Can you imagine if a non-Democrat and possible presidential candidate had used a fake ethnicity to gain entry to the hallowed halls of Harvard? The old media would have jumped on it for weeks. With Warren? No. It's cool. You know, 'cause she has the right politics. Lies are fine, ongoing lies are fine, if your politics are right.

(From The Boston Herald)
She finally admitted the obvious on a Friday afternoon, just before Christmas, in front of what she must have assumed would be a somewhat sympathetic audience at a black college.
Two months after offering what she claimed was definitive proof of her Native American ancestry, she is now acknowledging that she’s a honky.
The fake Indian has finally been scalped … by reality.

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