• Nick Sorrentino

Hundreds Of Homemade Food Businesses Flourish Under State Food Freedom Laws

This is progress. The world is a better place with cottage food industries. Selling cupcakes should not be a crime. And don't worry worrywarts, people aren't falling out all over the place because the food hasn't been inspected by government.

(From Forbes)
Now on the books in 49 states, cottage food laws have spurred the creation of thousands of new businesses (particularly in Arizona, California and Texas) and have become a key financial lifeline, particularly for women in rural communities. By letting farmers and bakers turn their own home kitchens into business incubators, states can empower entrepreneurs to test out a culinary proof of concept, without having to shell out thousands of dollars on renting commercial kitchen space. One study by the Institute for Justice, which surveyed 775 cottage food producers in 22 states, found that half were funded with just $500 or less in startup capital.

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