• Nick Sorrentino

Lefty Harpers Mag, and not a joke - Donald Trump Is a Good President

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

One note: It must be said that we at The Sorrentino ARE free market "liberals". That is to say that we are for free markets and we believe free markets are absolutely key to human progress. We are liberals in the classical sense. But we believe the French author (the article has been translated) is speaking not necessarily of "free markets" but of what is CALLED "free trade".

The author "likes" Trump for some of the reasons we have issues with Mr. Trump. But this is a remarkable article in a high profile progressive journal. It likely would not have run had the Dems not won the House.

(From Harpers)
President Trump tears up treaties and trade agreements when he thinks it was wrong to sign them. He’s right about that; leaders must know how to use the cooling-off period and withdraw from bad deals.
Unlike free-market liberals (who are, in their way, as fanatical as communists), President Trump doesn’t consider global free trade the be-all and end-all of human progress. When free trade favors American interests, President Trump is in favor of free trade; in the contrary case, he finds old-fashioned protectionist measures entirely appropriate...
...President Trump doesn’t like the European Union; he thinks we don’t have a lot in common, especially not “values”; and I call this fortunate, because, what values? “Human rights”? Seriously? He’d rather negotiate directly with individual countries, and I believe this would actually be preferable; I don’t think that strength necessarily proceeds from union. It’s my belief that we in Europe have neither a common language, nor common values, nor common interests, that, in a word, Europe doesn’t exist, and that it will never constitute a people or support a possible democracy (see the etymology of the term), simply because it doesn’t want to constitute a people. In short, Europe is just a dumb idea that has gradually turned into a bad dream, from which we shall eventually wake up.

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