• Nick Sorrentino

If you don't bow to political correctness good luck getting ahead

PC is pervasive. It has infected most strains of American culture. The activists, the people who live off of grievance culture, have cowed most people, and they have scared corporate America. Basically if a company strays from the officially approved post-modern talking points there will be hell to pay. Think for yourself, say that the Social Justice Warrior has no clothes, and then deal with the headaches and slander that come with honesty. That's the method of the SJWs and it has been effective.

Almost everyone KNOWS that political correctness is a lie. Almost everyone knows that the slavish adherence to certain patterns of speech is for the most part nonsense, even the people who advocate for it. But people comply because they just don't want the headaches. Most people know that there are 2 genders (And we say this as friends of and to the gay and transgender communities. Seriously, we don't care what you do with your life.) but few will say it for fear of incurring the PC brigades and the speech police. What is patently obvious can't be said.

We all know it's a lie. Just like the people in the Soviet Union knew what they had to say in public was a lie. We know it's ridiculous. We know that PC is anti-truth. But many comply because they just don't want to deal with the PC "mosquitos." It's easier just to say what the mosquitos want you to say than to deal with the swarm. Totalitarianism comes in many forms.

(From The American Conservative)
Here’s the moment you may be interested in:
The company offered employees the opportunity to attend a “Diversity and Inclusion” conference. My bosses asked for volunteers. I offered to go. I figured it would be worthwhile to network with co-workers and try to understand the company’s orientation on these issues.
My manager called me into a conference room for our routine weekly meeting. She told me that I wouldn’t be going to Denver because the Conference was about “Diversity and Inclusion.” With no sense of irony, she proceeded to tell me that I wasn’t “diverse” and was not the ideal person to represent our office. She told me that she was delivering the message based on guidance from HR and Market Leadership.
So there you have it, Rod. I’m a straight white-male and therefore I’m not “diverse.”

Diversity, that is, actual diversity, is of course not the goal.

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