• Nick Sorrentino

If You Support Democracy and the Rule of Law, You Should Applaud Trump Getting the Hell Out of Syria

Reason Magazine is right yet again. Getting out of Syria is obvioulsy the right move. We should never have been there. We shouldn't be in many places all over the world. But Syria particularly. The neocons and the quasi-neocons in the Obama White House thought blowing up the Middle East (even more) was a good idea. That's why they destroyed Libya for instance. Kaddaffi (as nuts as he was) had to go because, because he was a a very bad dude. (Which he was.) Same for Assad. The checked tyrant that kept things reasonably quiet had to go because we didn't like him. So let's instead create chaos in the country and destabilize one little nook of the Middle East we didn't have to worry about THAT much.

(From Reason)
Everyone who values the rule of law and democratic governance should cheer this decision.
My colleague Nick Gillespie rightly praised Trump for "bringing soldiers home from unconstitutional wars that have no clear connection to national security." Libertarian-leaning Rep. Justin Amash (R­–Mich.) tweeted his support as well, writing, "U.S. forces should not be engaged in Syria—or any country—without legitimate military justification AND proper congressional authorization."
Not everyone is pleased. A predictable chorus of hawkish Republicans assailed Trump for making, in the words of perpetually bloodthirsty Sen. Lindsey Graham (R­–S.C.), a "huge Obama-like mistake." (Barack Obama made many mistakes; one of the costliest, of course, was his disastrous intervention in Libya, which quickly became a haven for terrorists.) Sen. Marco Rubio (R–Fla.) lamented that pulling out too early would "haunt this administration and America for years to come." But as Iraq and Afghanistan have shown, America is also haunted by doubling and tripling and quadrupling down on open-ended commitments that cost innocent lives and billions of dollars while doing nothing to fundamentally improve the war-torn Middle East.

It is amazing to me however how many supposed "liberals" are upset about pulling out of Syria. We expect such ugliness from the neoconservatives on matters of war but the "liberals"? Actually, it is "liberals" who have gotten us into the worst and most costly wars over the years. So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised.

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