• Nick Sorrentino

Imagine if the Media Had as Much Sympathy for Small Business Owners as it Does for Federal Employees

We lived in the heart of fed country (Northern Virginia) during the darkest and most difficult part of The Great Recession. There was no sympathy for small business owners struggling to get by during those years up there. There was a "stinks to be you", "I sure am glad I have a secure and good paying government job" , "thank goodness the recession isn't impacting us here in Washington DC" attitude. No high profile celebrity chefs were making small business owners free sandwiches. There was no back pay waiting for us when the economy shaped up. There was no guaranteed pension waiting for us.

And now we're supposed to have pity on the government employees, who on average are compensated far better than their colleagues in the private sector, who will get their pay back when they return, who have guaranteed pensions, who live off of the wealth created by the private sector?

Sorry. We know a good number of fine federal workers. There are good ones in the mix, there is no doubt. However, let's get our priorities right here. This is just another example of the old media having no clue about the core of America.

(From Mises)
Rarely does mainstream coverage emphasize the daily problems that small business owners face in providing payroll for workers (and themselves), meeting customer demands, and keeping the lights on.
Moreover, business owners face these sorts of problems daily — and every time a government hands down a new regulation tax or mandate — while federal employees rarely face the sorts of uncertainties over income that are common in the private sector.

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