• Nick Sorrentino

'Incompetence': Broward election chief likely to be forced from office

“Maybe it’s better for us if Snipes just stays in office and continues to screw everything up for Democrats."

If she's removed without jail time, at least according to this report from Politico, she should consider herself fortunate.

The word that is being used with reference to the debacle in Broward County is "incompetence" but it seems like it's much more serious than just "incompetence."

Ms. Snipes may indeed be incompetant, but there appears to be malice too. And even Democrats are now abandoning her. This is the Democratic machine in Broward County trying to save itself.


Snipes better hope things don't get more serious.

(From Politico)
Snipes was unwilling or unable to provide the data, and her office didn’t follow state law requiring regular vote tally updates every 45 minutes, Scott’s new lawsuit alleges. Then, in the dead of night, the office suddenly uploaded tens of thousands of new ballots in the Democratic-heavy county, causing Scott’s margins statewide to fall so far that it triggered a recount, with his margin in the race against Sen. Bill Nelson falling below a half percent. The margin in the race is now 0.15 percent, below the quarter-point threshold for a manual recount.
To cap it all off, the recount was supposed to start at 7 a.m. Sunday. But a number of technical glitches delayed the official start of the recount of the more than 700,000 ballots until just before noon.

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