• Nick Sorrentino

Indiana Grocery Store Can't Process Food Stamp Payments Due To Govt. Shutdown?

The number of people on food stamps is not as large as it was during the Obama years when we were suffering the acute effects of the Great Recession and had a government that was openly advocating that people who probably shouldn't be on food stamps get on them. (We remember a story from 2011-2012 or so where an Oregon university was encouraging its students to get on food stamps as a sort of a taxpayer subsidized meal plan.) But still, there are MANY American who use food stamps. If that line were cut people would flip out. That doesn't appear to be what is happening but we post this article for your review. It's a little breathless but still deals with some things worth considering.

One of the main ways the state keeps the poor in line is by feeding them. There is no better way to make sure people vote for the welfare state than for people to become dependent on the welfare state. In this country that amounts to tens and tens of millions of people/voters. Take away their bread, well, chaos is often the result.