• Nick Sorrentino

Infographic: The 20 Internet Giants That Rule the Web (Over last 20 years)

My father was on the very early Internet and I've had computers in my house pretty much since the early 1980s. In fact I even remember my dad bringing home a mobile computer in those days. (It wasn't a "laptop".) Something that at the time was bleeding edge consumer technology. I've been on the Internet pretty much from the start of it as a civilian communication tool.

Over that time the Internet has changed a lot and power has shifted. I remember the heady days of AOL and then it's rather sad descent. I remember Lycos, and Dogpile, and Altavista, and Excite, and a thousand other sites that now are mostly history

So when it seems like nothing will ever shake up the online universe, that Facebook and Google will forever dominate the playing field keep this historical dynamism in mind.

However, in an increasingly crony system such as we have in the USA today we must guard against players protecting their positions with the help of government. And that is definitely happening now.