• Nick Sorrentino

It pays to manipulate the anti-Trump crowd, just ask CNN, MSNBC, and the NY Times

Orange Man bad! Me no like Orange Man! Rage at Orange Man give life meaning!

The media “will feed the public what the public is willing to watch”

Trump is the best thing that ever happened to CNN with the possible exception of Operation Desert Storm. CNN’s ratings, though still dismal relative to FOX, have seen a solid uptick as the news outlet has stoked rage and discontent. In playing on people’s fears and the irrational response to President Trump’s election by so many, CNN and fellow travelers been able to save their own bacon. (At least for the time being.)

Some people just want to hate. They want to hate Trump. In my experience the anti-Trump pink hat people are arguably the most hateful group of any consequence that I’ve seen in my lifetime. (At least in the USA.) Their rage burns red hot to the point that some of these people seemed have short circuited. (We're looking at you Jim Carrey, Alisa Milano, Robert DeNero, and half of Hollywood. ( The therapists in the Hollywood Hills have been making bank since Trump was elected for sure.)

Trump is the embodiment what the ragers dislike, a sexist (in their eyes) white male, and a rich one to boot. That he completely dismisses what the people who still watch CNN insist we should all care about and embrace, basically a politically correct worldview based on perceived victimization, just whacks them out further. That Trump looks at them and shrugs dismissively drives them absolutely bonkers. They can’t stand it. But as CNN, The New York Times, Maddow and company have figured out, it pays to manipulate the anti-Trump crowd.

(From France 24)
“When Trump says he’s made the media a lot of money, he’s absolutely right,” said Shapiro. “He was a good asset to them during his campaign, and he has become an even better asset to them during his presidency.”
The media “will feed the public what the public is willing to watch”, added Jeanne Zinko, a professor of political science at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York, in an interview with FRANCE 24. “If the public wanted to hear about dry policy, we’d see it 24 hours a day – we don’t. C-SPAN’s viewership would be tremendous – it’s not. And what gets the views when it comes to politics is the salacious, the violent.”
CNN has been a notable beneficiary of the rise of Trump.

To say the least. Lots of people want to be validated. Anti-Trump people in our experience especially need to be validated.

Orange Man bad for you too, right? Yeah! Orange Man bad!!!