• Nick Sorrentino

Jesse Ventura Says Trump “Will Not Have a Chance” If He Runs Against Him in 2020

Who is about the only person who could "out-Trump" Trump? Jesse Ventura.

I actually like Jesse Ventura OK. One could make the case that his win in MinnesOta was the very first flash of the electoral populism we see today. It was a hint of things to come. Ventura's win was the first real sliver of light to break through the ossified political duopoly on a statewide and really national level.

Ventura says that he might run as a Green? And in 2016 he considered running as a Libertarian? Those 2 parties, on most things are very very dissimilar so we are going to go with the idea that Ventura is mostly blowing hot air.

But man, if it wasn't a sign of the appocypse how great would it be to see these two guys bark like junkyard dogs at each other over an election season. Can you imagine the debate? It would be carnage and chaos, entertainment on par with late Rome...

Yeah, that might not be so good. Thankfully it's unlikely to happen.

“I haven’t made a decision yet because it’s a long time off,” Ventura told TMZ. “If I do do it, Trump will not have a chance. For one, Trump knows wrestling. He participated in two Wrestlemanias. He knows he can never out-talk a wrestler, and he knows I’m the greatest talker wrestling’s ever had. So, if I go for it he’s history, and he knows it.”

Can't you just see him grabbing the mike and staring into the camera?