• Nick Sorrentino

Journalism isn't dying, it's returning to its roots

This is exactly correct. For all the wailing from the old media, and now the officially blessed "new" media, Buzzfeed, Vice, Huffpo, now is a great time for journalism. The current diversity of ideas and varied approaches to covering the news of the day is staggering. There is no comparison to the days of the daily newspaper and the evening broadcast on CBS, NBC, and ABC. The news environment is infinitely better for the consumer of news. But it is also a highly competitive marketplace as we at The Sorrentino can attest. That can be challenging in the extreme for publications, particularly if one has a large payroll.

There is one important point that must be made about the attached article. The author writes of passed days of "objectivity". As if The New York Times and the Washington Post at one time were objective. That is a silly assertion. Both have been mouthpieces for the establishment Left forever. It's not the death of "objectivity" that many journalists mourn, it is the end of them as gatekeepers of information that upsets them most.

That, and getting fired. Which stinks.

(From Wired)
The past few weeks have brought bad news to the hardworking scribes of the news business. Three leading digital outlets—BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, and Vice—announced layoffs that left many accomplished journalists unemployed. The fingers of blame quickly pointed to the great bogeymen of our media age—Facebook and Google—and warned about a threat to democracy. After all, if the most savvy and avant-garde of the new digital journalists can’t make a living, what hope is there for old-school newspapers? To many, the health of our democracy is inextricably tied to the health of our journalism: If the latter begins to die, the former must immediately follow.
That’s a curious sentiment, because if you were to magically teleport the architects of our democracy—men like Ben Franklin or Samuel Adams (newspapermen, both of them)—to today, they’d find our journalistic ecosystem, with its fact-checked both-sides-ism and claims to “objectivity,” completely unrecognizable.

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