• Nick Sorrentino

JP Morgan CEO and Goldman Sachs CEO recently had private meetings Maxine Waters

This should surprise no one. JP Morgan is a giant crony company and Goldman Sachs is a bank that should be dead but was revived with taxpayer money and insane Fed policy. Goldman is worse than JP Morgan if smaller. Ms. Waters is a crony capitalist herself who lobbied with people at Boeing a few years ago to save the Export Import Bank, "Boeing's Bank", who has in the past been under investigation for corruption. The banks know they should placate and if possible manipulate Maxine Waters who is the head of the Banking Committee in the House to avoid future headaches.

This is where we are folks. Maxine Waters is taken seriously. This is the same woman who in a news conference a few years ago asserted that Putin had invaded Korea. (He invaded the Crimea, on the other side of the Asian continent.)

(From CNBC)
The two CEOs met separately with Waters in Washington as the California Democrat was preparing to become chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee after her party swept back into power during November’s midterm elections. Dimon and Waters had their meeting in December, while the lawmaker and Solomon met earlier this month.
A spokesman for Goldman, Jake Siewert, confirmed on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday that Solomon had a sit-down with Waters in early January. A spokesman for J.P. Morgan declined to comment.

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