• Nick Sorrentino

Kentucky GOP lawmaker, pushing for pot legalization, says he smoked a joint while battling cancer

We are for cannabis legalization for a myriad of reasons. First, the war on pot is deeply crony. Illegal pot is good for entrenched law enforcement agencies, the drug dealers who can charge above market prices under a prohibition regime, and Pharma which would like to keep selling Americans highly profitable pain (and other) meds. (Instead of pot.)

This is without going into why hemp, the non intoxicating male cannabis plant, is fantastic for all sorts of things from paper, to clothing, to even industrial parts potentially. Hemp is also a fairly good source of micronutrients which we are coming to understand are key to a healthy and high quality human life.

Cannabis is a drug and as such must be respected. Using it in excess can have negative consequences. Yes, some people because of psychological disposition shouldn't mess with it at all. But recreational or medicinal weed should not be illegal. It is true that people can become burnouts. This does happen, just as some people become drunks. But generally speaking the positives associated with broad legalization far outweigh the costs.

This is the United States anyway, a place that is supposed to be a free society. Weed prohibition is just another one of FDR's New Deal era, big government mistakes that should be tossed on the scrap heap of history.

(From The Hill)
A Republican Kentucky state lawmaker told reporters on Wednesday that he smoked marijuana instead of taking the prescription opiate, OxyContin, when he was battling cancer several years ago.
State Sen. Dan Seum, who has filed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, made the comment while speaking in support of a state House bill to legalize medical marijuana. He survived a bout with colon cancer seven years ago, according to Kentucky’s WKYT.
"They gave me that nice bottle of OxyContin. I threw it in the garbage can and went home and smoked a joint," he said Wednesday. 

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