• Nick Sorrentino

LA teachers surround cars, block parking lot, scream ‘scum!’ at subs

These are the people who are "teaching" your kids.

It amazes us that teachers in places like Chicago and Los Angles, 2 school districts that aren't exactly knocking it out of the park, seem OK with picket line intimidation. It amazes us that public school teachers are even allowed to unionize in the first place. This should not be, and it isn't in many parts of the country.

What we see here are GOVERNMENT schools, not "public" schools. And these schools are run for the teachers and administrators and the unions first, and the children second, at best. What we also see here is why public schools as we know them need to be revamped in this country from the ground up. More emphasis should be put on teacher standards and on distance online learning. School choice should be ubiquitous. Unions should be curtailed, particularly if they are often prone to causing hardship in the community. Pretty much the whole public system should be tossed out really.

But to reform schools so that they serve students is anathema to what the unions want, which are relatively highly paid (factor that teachers only work 2/3 of the year) members, we mean teachers, and a political base from which Democrats can draw support.

And don't forget that indoctrination is a huge part of public schools. All I heard growing up was the big government, bloated welfare state, generally left to far left critique. And I lived in Virginia Beach which was no haven for lefties. (At least then.) It is this indoctrination that is key to instilling the status quo big government ethos that is widely embraced by (a much too large) part of this country.

Again, these are the people who are teaching your children. It is cause for concern.

(From EAG News)
It included several socialists toting a banner that read “Socialists for Public Education, We Stand With LA Teachers!”
The same banner was on display in a different video that showed hordes of union educators descending on a black car attempting to enter a parking garage – presumably one of the substitutes hired by the Los Angeles Unified School District to perform the work striking teachers refuse to do.