• Nick Sorrentino

Lab-grown organs ‘go rogue’ and develop BRAIN and MUSCLE cells

“But scientists haven't fully appreciated that some of the cells that make up those organoids may not mimic what we would find in people.”

OK, so earlier this week we wrote of how we were entering The Brave New World. Well, here’s another example. Now organs grown in petrie dishes are “going rogue”. (There is a Sarah Palin joke in there somewhere but we can’t think of it.) Kidneys developed in a lab sprouted brain and muscle cells.

Of course this is amazing and one would assume potentially beneficial to humanity in some way. But brain cells huh? There is a significant creep factor here.

(From The Daily Star)
"Developing kidney organoids is driven by the reality that we have so many patients with failing kidneys and no effective drugs to offer them.”
Dr Humphreys said between 10% to 20% of cells in the mini-kidneys missed cues to develop further into kidneys cells – instead becoming brains and muscle cells.

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