• Nick Sorrentino

Leaked: Google discussed whether to bury ‘conservative’ news items in search

This isn’t surprising. Google is a political company. It is deeply infected with Left coast political correctness. All one needs to do to see this is to take a look at Google’s news app or the new search tool that populates automatically with solidly left wing news.

This is their prerogative. Google is a private company. One does not have to use Google. But Google is also as crony as it is PC. It has all sorts of government contracts and visited the Obama White House more than any other company. Additionally Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Alphabet, Google’s parent company (technically) founded a company GROWNDWORK with the sole purpose of helping Hillary Clinton get elected president. Google has an agenda and it is not a small government, live and let live agenda. It is all about partnering with the state, and sadly even the CHINESE state (to create a censored Internet for Beijing).

It’s a shame really. We’ve long used Google, going way back to the days when Yahoo dominated search. It’s sad to see the company that once said “Don’t Do Evil” so embrace, well, not so good stuff for humanity. (The China partnership really is terrible.)

Would it bury “conservative” articles? Let's just say, it wouldn't be hard to imagine.

What many of our readers may generally believe, we can confirm. There are many people in tech companies, in academia, in government who DEPLORE everyday people at a base level. You know those suburbanites with their families, and church, and gun rights, and respect for property rights, and their desire for privacy, and their constant complaining about taxation, and, gasp, their watching of Fox News! In the eyes of people who think they get to control the GREAT CONVERSATION your contempt for their statism, and conformity, and ignorance of fundamental “American” values just reflects your rubishness. The folks in San Francisco and New York and Washington aren’t the ignorant ones. No no, YOU and your petty bourgeois ways, YOU are the ignoramuses. How could you not be? You disagree with THEM. They're “progressive”. They are for “progress”.

There really believe that they are for progress. That enslaving people further to the state, further regulating people's private lives, taking more hard earned money from people's paychecks, instituting speech codes and enabling authoritarian thought police is - progress. It is a really a sad thing to see. It's particularly sad to see it happen in the United States. We can understand China, or even Europe, but we are supposed to have learned the lessons of authritarianism and statism. We are supposed to be different. We are supposed to be for ACTUAL PROGRESS which if one looks at history means more autonomy for the individual and a lessoning of the influence of the state. Big government and cronyism is the default and has been for centuries. "Progressives" actually just push a state form of feudalism. It's the same old same old. Marx didn't show the way OUT of servitude. He actually just showed a new group of people how to further enslave their brothers and sisters in the name of a better world. It's the "progressive" cult. It's a deeply destructive dream. And it runs through too many institutions in the country, including it appears Google.

It really is too bad. Google does some good stuff. It should go back to at least TRYING not to do evil.

(From The Daily Caller)
“This was an election of false equivalencies, and Google, sadly, had a hand in it,” Google engineer Scott Byer wrote in a Nov. 9, 2016, post reviewed by TheDCNF.
Byer falsely labeled The Daily Caller and Breitbart as “opinion blogs” and urged his coworkers to reduce their visibility in search results.
“How many times did you see the Election now card with items from opinion blogs (Breitbart, Daily Caller) elevated next to legitimate news organizations? That’s something that can and should be fixed,” Byer wrote.
“I think we have a responsibility to expose the quality and truthfulness of sources – because not doing so hides real information under loud noises,” he continued. 
“Beyond that, let’s concentrate on teaching critical thinking. A little bit of that would go a long way. Let’s make sure that we reverse things in four years..."

Breitbart and The Daily Caller aren't legit but MSNBC and CNN are? Please.

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