• Nick Sorrentino

Let’s Talk About “Woke” Authoritarianism

It is interesting to me that so many of the “woke”, the hyper-politically correct, marxist apologists (and straight up marxists) that seem to inhabit so many parents basements and Reddit subreddits these days are so fearful of President Trump and his “authoritarian” tendencies.

To be sure Trump represents a Berlusconi type of big government conservatism. To be sure he has no problem with the power of the state. He moves on instinct and is all over the place on many issues. His activism is more reminiscent of a Democrat president than of a conservative Republican. He had tanks in the Capital on the 4th of July. He calls people “un-American” and he does it without remorse. He is full of bluster. He does wrap himself in the American flag.

But Trump and the people who generally bless him if not outright support him, probably a majority of this country at this moment, represent a far lesser risk to the Republic than the “Woke Totalitarians” embodied by people like Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, and the so called “antifa”. (We have to give antifa credit. "Antifa" was a good bit of public relations. They couldn't just call themselves the self righteous, uninformed, perpetually offended, deeply indebted middle class bourgeois self-loathers. That just doesn't roll off the tongue.)

I was actually going to title this entry “Let’s talk about woke fascism” but I did not want to muddy the waters round this word even more. Fascism is mostly an economic word. Fascism is the fusion of corporations and government. The “storm trooper” aspect (fetish) is really secondary to what fascism is all about, which is a big government, socialistic ethos. But that aside.

Woke Authoritarianism has been percolating in the sociology and what some call the “grievance studies” departments of our greatest universities for 3 decades. It has now metastasized and has unfortunately infected our broader society.

Woke Authoritarianism holds, generally, that everything is a system of hierarchy. At the top of this hierarchy is the despised white male. The "white male" is the foil that the Woke Authoritarians need to define themselves. There is nothing that is inherently good or bad. There is only power. Who has it? Who doesn’t. Objective reality? No such thing. Everything is a wash of power struggles. Objective reality you see is a construct of Western Civilization which incidentally was created by “white males”. (This is not true. "Western Civilization" is really just a repository of human knowledge. Parts of it came from the Middle East, the Far East, even Africa.) Therefore objectivity, even the scientific method (we’re not joking, type “science must fall” into Google) must be jettisoned for the prevailing fashions of the Woke Authoritarian Mob.

This is what the "Woke Authoritarians" did in Mao's China.

Thing is, there is objective truth. The scientific method isn’t a tool of hierarchal oppression. Even the Woke Authoritarians seem, in their heart of hearts, to know this because that is why they react so violently to anyone who challenges their delicately constructed worldview.

That’s what “deplatforming” is all about. The Woke Authoritarians, like other authoritarians before them, the Nazis, the Communists, others, know that they must quash any opposition because if they don’t the their whole worldview falls in a heap. Any challenge to Woke Authoritarianism is a challenge to their constructed reality. Just as Jessie Owens challenged Hitler, so too do many anti-political correctness dissidents embarrass the Woke Totalitarians.(And yes, this is an apt comparison.) That is why so many people who refuse to bow to PC fashion have been chased from social media. The Woke Authoritarians do not want to be shown for the intellectual frauds that they in their heart or hearts know they are.

That’s a big leap of course. It is something to say that the Woke Authoritarians KNOW that they are fundamentally incorrect. Some would say that to say such a thing gives the Woke Authoritarians too much credit. And perhaps we are doing that. Perhaps the Woke Authoritarians are so far gone that reality will never sink in. There are many cults, political, religious, that have been able to deny reality quite effectively over a long period of time. But perhaps the “woke” can be shaken out of their Woke Authoritarianism, their "sleepwokeness”. Perhaps they can be saved before they screw up everything for those of us who still prefer something that approaches an objective reality. For those of us who value liberty, and individual intellectual questioning. Maybe the "woke" will wake.

But maybe not.