• Nick Sorrentino

Libertarian Republicans excelled in the midterm elections

From our old comrade Jack Hunter, the former editor of

He's right. Libertarianish Republicans did have a good night last night. Thomas Massey and Justin Amash both returned. Denver Riggleman, we'll see how libertarian he is, was elected in my district. Sadly however, the giant killer, Dave Brat, was defeated.

(From The Washington Examiner)
The most high-profile libertarian Republican in Congress, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, was not up for re-election. The next-most high-profile libertarian Republicans in Congress, Reps. Justin Amash of Michigan and Thomas Massie of Kentucky, both won re-election by double-digits.
Amash, who represents a purple district, has been openly critical of Trump, and his independent streak appeared to pay off for him Tuesday. Massie represents a deep-red district, hasn’t hesitated to criticize the president, yet simultaneously has been more sympathetic. Massie predictably defeated his Democratic opponent in a blowout.
Republican novice Denver Riggleman won his race for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. “Riggleman, a newcomer to politics, ran a positive campaign based on libertarian ideas,” reported National Review's Jibran Khan.

Libertarianism is appealing. Sound economics with social tolerance is deeply American. It's common sense. Isn't that what this country is supposed to be all about?