• Nick Sorrentino

Sad People Convinced Trump's A Nazi Because They Need Something To Cling To?

Always remember: Fascists are Socialists too

This is about right. It seems that many of the people who virtue signal all day long, who really think that Trump is Hitler, are just unhappy people. They are lacking something in their lives. They are unhappy with the way things worked out, and dammit they want someone or something on which to pin their frustrations.

What are we supposed to think? These are the people who take time out of their day to harass Tucker Carlson at his home. They HAVE this kind of time. These people see sexism or racism or something they don't like in everything around them. The world is ugly to them. There is a disconnect from reality. It's been 2 years and it's a disconnect on a mass scale. There is nothing else to call it.

And one has to wonder how so many people just have lost it, seriously have lost it, all at one time.

We have indulged this behavior for too long. The old media has encouraged such behavior. The Democratic Party has facilitated such behavior. So what if people who are on the edge are exploited? Must - beat - Trump because he defeated our dear leader.

Sorry to break it to you guys but though Trump can be ham handed and blunt and frankly at times an ass, not to mention incorrect, and perhaps you don't like his style or "tone", you need to deal. (In a healthier way.) He's not all good or all bad but the SJW zealots are definitely NOT the good guys. And that hurts, because deep down we think many of the pink hat crowd know that they aren't doing right. But they must cling to the world they've created since Trump's election, because if they don't they don't know what they'll do.

(From The National Review)
The assault on Tucker Carlson’s home by Antifa thugs this week was a much more serious episode. It was an act of political terrorism directed at the family of a journalist and commentator with the goal of intimidating him into silence. “We know where you sleep at night,” they chanted as they vandalized his home and his wife hid in a pantry. (He was not at home during the episode.) They also broke his front door in what may or may not have been an attempt to illegally and forcibly enter the home. A mob of 20 or so thugs trying to kick in the door, a mother by herself hiding in a pantry: The next time somebody asks you why anybody really needs a semiautomatic rifle, here’s your answer.
Imagine a line that measures the moral distance between Shelby Shoup’s battery in Florida to the Antifa assault on Tucker Carlson’s home, and then extend that line by the same distance in the same direction. Where are we then? Arson? Bombs? The kind of massacre James T. Hodgkinson was trying to pull off when he shot Steve Scalise and fired on other Republicans? How long until we arrive at Timothy McVeigh or Osama bin Laden — both of whom earnestly believed that their acts of terrorism were morally imperative in the face of tyranny and evil?

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