• Nick Sorrentino

Manafort's Passport Stamps Don't Match "Fabricated" Assange Story

We didn't run the "Manafort visited Assange" story when it broke a couple of days ago because it didn't smell right. It was surprising to us that there was no survielance footage of such a visit. London has more cameras trained on streets than practically any place in the world. Yet nothing.

And now, as we thought might be the case it looks like the story was just another NOTHINGBURGER. (With chips instead of fries.)

(From Zerohedge)
The Washington Times reports that Manafort's three passports reveal just two visits to England in 2010 and 2012, which support his categorical denial of the "totally false and deliberately libelous" report in The Guardian, which said that Manafort visited Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy - ostensibly to coordinate on the WikiLeaks release of Hillary Clinton's emails. 
The Times does note that Manafort could have conceivably entered the UK from another European country and not received a stamp - however a representative for Manafort insisted to the Times that Manafort has only made those two visits to England since 2008, and that a libel suit against the Guardian is under discussion

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