• Nick Sorrentino

Maxine "get in their face" Waters wants Trump to take "responsibility" for bombs

You see it was Trump ginning up the violence not ole' Maxine and her fellow travelers. No sir.

Rand Paul told you guys to cool it. He said that someone was going to get killed. It has been the Democrats who have played the tribalism card. It has been the Democrats who have played the incivility card.

As we said before, America remembers the shooting at the congressional baseball practice. The country remembers the attack on Rand Paul. They've seen what can legitimately be called an activist MOB chasing around people who oppose the Democratic Party agenda. A mob that has been encouraged by an enraged Dem Party that has its back up against the wall, and by Maxine Waters specifically.

Ms. Waters, please save your breath.

(From The Daily Caller)
“I think the president of the United States should take responsibility for the kind of violence that we’re seeing for the first time in different ways,” the California Democrat told Blavity. “I think the president of the United States has been dog whistling to his constituency … and I think that they’re acting out, but they believe the president wants them to do and the way that he wants them to act.”

This is the ongoing disconnect that has fascinated us. Is she just playing to her constituency or does she seriously believe what she is saying? If she seriously believes what she is saying she shouldn't be anywhere near any sort of power. One would prefer her to be a liar to flat out clueless in some respects. What we fear is that she is both, which is dangerous. And she could be in Congressional leadership if the Democrats take the house.

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