• Nick Sorrentino

Mayor de Blasio Says New York's Wealth Is "In The Wrong Hands" And Should Be Redistributed

What can we expect from this guy? He raised money for the communist Sandinistas when he was younger. He spent his honeymoon in Cuba. The guy's a flat out red and somehow he became mayor of America's largest city.

(From Zerohedge)
Of course, there was little mention of numerous bumps in the road to the socialist utopia that de Blasio has been on since his tenure as mayor. For instance the city's public housing system was "tiptoed" around. de Blasio reportedly also did not mention his 2017 promise to bring 100,000 good paying jobs to the city.
His recent $3 billion tax gift to Amazon to bring them to the city – a plan that has been surprisingly unpopular with liberals – also was not brought up. Perhaps that $3 billion in wealth is going to the right hands, after all.  

De Blasio may be a socialist/commie but he's also a crony capitalist. (Which is the way it always works with socialist jefe types.)