• Nick Sorrentino

Microsoft 'Newsguard' program censors: CNN, Buzzfeed "good", Drudge, Daily Mirror, Breitbart "bad"

The first push to censor the new media came from members of Congress, particularly Diane Feinstein calling for the licensure of journalists.

Then when that didn't work, and after Trump was elected to the shock of the left of center media and political establishment, the censorship gears really started to turn. The new media had to be crushed. They were spreading "dangerous" ideas. Basically the establishment turned all guns on open discussion. Debate was fine and all but if it the debate strayed outside of the Overton window as defined by the people who think that NPR covers all the angles, well then it was not a debate worth having. Indeed such a debate might even be "dangerous".

The old media have long defined this window. That the people are now resisting their long held narratives scares them. The old media want to take the power BACK from the people.

Alex Jones represents a frontieer. He is over the top. He's not our cup of tea. Often he's just wrong. But he does some good journalism here and there and he certainly broaches subjects that need to be broached. Again, not our cup of tea. However, we often joked that if "they" ever came for Alex Jones then it was time to be concerned because then "they" would be coming after less flaboyant news outlets after that.

Well, that has happened.

(From The Daily Caller)
Who are the approved “green check mark” news sources? The left-leaning, establishment media outlets you would expect: CNN, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, and so on. These are the same sites that rushed to publish dozens of demonstrably false stories about Catholic high schoolers harassing a Vietnam veteran — and wound up putting those teenagers and their families in the crosshairs of a vicious internet hate mob — and then, largely refused to apologize for getting the story completely wrong.
Other members of the “good news” club include Rolling Stone, responsible for making a cover story out of the most destructive rape hoax since the Scottsboro Boys, and BuzzFeed News, responsible for the report accusing President Trump of committing a felony by allegedly telling Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. The story was so outrageously false that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office issued a rare public statement to disavow it.
Which media sources are arrayed on the other side of this equation, the “bad news” bears designated on NewsGuard with red exclamation points? Exactly who you’d expect: Breitbart News; Drudge Report; the Daily Mail, Britain’s third-largest newspaper; and other outlets popular outside the Acela corridor.

Indeed, the old media don't like much of America at least from what we can see. That the Internet has empowered the middle class generally with its suburban and rural values irks them to no end. That the Internet empowers the middle class POLITICALLY scares them to death. Thankfully, as the attached article points out Microsoft Edge isn't used by anyone.