• Nick Sorrentino

Midterms: Sorry Democrats, voters reject your political correctness for good reason

PC is anti-thought. It is anti-Enlightenment. It is anti-intellectual. As we've said before it is Newspeak straight out of 1984. It's a tool of totalitariansim. It's not about being "polite" as the social justice warrior talking point goes. It's about control. It's about crushing thought before it can happen. It's about making people behave the way some think they ought to. It is about power. It's about control. It's about conformity.

The "woke" constitute a small (but culturally powerful) minority. The vast majority of people see PC for the bullying tool that it is. But many have long been afraid to stand up to the bullies.

But bullies must be opposed or else they'll keep on bullying. The anti-speech PC brigades must be opposed.

(From The USA Today)
But it’s still a problem, because although the woke are a minority, they have a lot of influence in academia and journalism (which they dominate), and in the corporate world, where the demands of activists are usually acceded to, and where HR departments are staffed with sympathizers.
Thus we have a large group of Americans — at 80 percent, we could call it a silent supermajority — that feels pushed around by what turns out to be about 8 percent of the population. You’d expect that to be the end of things, as every sensible politician would want to take the side of the 80 percent over the 8 percent. But it’s not that simple.

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