• Nick Sorrentino

Mike Bloomberg says he'll spend $100 million+ if he runs for president

Lord help us if Bloomberg becomes president. Though the network he created is excellent, the man leaves much to be desired. He is not a "live and let live" kind of guy. He's a big government New Yorker with a soft totalitarian inclination. He is a Davos Man. He is the establishment.

(From CNBC)
Billionaire Mike Bloomberg is prepared to spend well over the $100 million he put into his last campaign for New York City mayor if he runs for president in 2020. And he does not plan to accept any outside money from political action committees if he jumps into the race, CNBC has learned.

He will be a very formidable opponent in the primaries and if he gets the nomination would be very tough head to head versus Trump.

A Bloomberg candidacy would annoy the more "progressive" wing of the Democratic Party. First, Bloomberg is an older white guy. Second because Bloomberg is a DLC type Democrat. He's much more Bill and Hillary Clinton than Bernie Sanders. This could be a significant point of political cleavage for the Dems.