• Nick Sorrentino

More Les Deplorables: 120,000 anti-tax protestors in Paris streets, Macron panic mode?

In 1968 the communists took to the streets of Paris and rioted. That unrest changed the face of France and Europe. The politicians who came out of that summer were called "the 68'ers." Perhaps we are seeing the emergence of the 18'ers.

And guess what European Union hacks? It's speading....

There’s no bread let them eat cake There’s no end to what they’ll take Flaunt the fruits of noble birth Wash the salt into the earth But they’re marching to Bastille Day -Rush "Bastille Day"

(From Zerohedge)
Leaders of the so-called "Yellow Vest" movement have rejected demands to negotiate with the French government after President Emmanuel Macron ordered his prime minister to hold discussions, according to AFP. Macron and top officials are now in full damage control mode amid the most violent protests France has seen since 1968...
....Approximately 136,000 demonstrators donning yellow reflective vests were recorded across France on Saturday - of which approximately 5,500 protested in the French capital according to the interior ministry. The previous weekend saw 166,000 demonstrators, and 282,000 the week before that. 

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