• Nick Sorrentino

Mueller to make his move?

Mueller's been waiting, and probably hoping, for a while. Now he has new powerful allies in the House who will help him badger and generally make life difficult for President Trump.

The Dems were blunted yesterday, there was no "blue wave" and there was no repudiation of Trump. But they did gain the House and that means people like Maxine Waters are going to do their song and dance every chance they can. They will introduce investigations for the sake of introducing investigations. They may get wrapped up in their ongoing obsession with Trump in the process however. Whether they can keep it together over the next 2 years is an open question. Whether any of their attacks will be effective is also a very open question. To date they haven't succeeded.

But they did take the House.

(From Politico)
And while Pelosi has so far publicly urged restraint to make sure her colleagues don’t overplay their hand and invite a public backlash, new avenues of Democratic inquiry are also expected. They include a subpoena to finally see Trump’s personal tax returns and a closer examination into allegations the Trump Organization has been a haven for money laundering.
Campaigning in Indiana on Monday, Trump shrugged off a question about whether Democrats will soon turn up the pressure on him by demanding his tax filings.
“I don’t care,” the president said. “They can do whatever they want, and I can do whatever I want.”

Sadly what happened at the FBI and with Brennan etc. in 2016 will be swept under the Democratic Congressional rug. At least for now.

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