• Nick Sorrentino

Navy to populate ocean with genetically engineered 'life forms'

This is just an octopus.

It seems we have a new arms race on our hands. In addition to outpacing China in space, nukes, and conventional weapons, we are pushing the boundaries of genetic and bio engineering in the name of staying ahead of our rivals on the other side of the Pacific.

Not that this should be in any way surprising. But things are starting to get really weird.

(From Defense One)
The Naval Research Laboratory, or NRL, is supporting the research. Here’s how it would work: You take an abundant sea organism, like Marinobacter, and change its genetic makeup to react to certain substances left by enemy vessels, divers, or equipment. These could be metals, fuel exhaust, human DNA, or some molecule that’s not found naturally in the ocean but is associated with, say, diesel-powered submarines. The reaction could take the form of electron loss, which could be detectable to friendly sub drones.
“In an engineered context, we might take the ability of the microbes to give up electrons, then use [those electrons] to talk to something like an autonomous vehicle.

These micro-organisms will communicate with autonomous drones wandering the skies and sea. Hey, great. Now way this could go horribly wrong.

So our salmon is chock full of antidepressants, cocaine, and soon to be genetically altered microorganisms created by the military. Sounds great.

Also consider that this is what is being PUBLICLY talked about.

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