• Nick Sorrentino

NYT Opinion: Happy New Year! May Your City Never Become San Francisco, New York or Seattle


This is a nice little summary of what is happening in urban America these days. Cities are changing and as millenials start to get real about things, the urban lifestyle has lost some of its allure. We at The Sorrentino subscribe to the Easy Rider philosophy of cities - We're from the city, far from the city. And that's where we want to be right now.

Not really. Our college town is quickly urbanizing and where we live is now entirely suburban. (Though technically we can still walk to a cow pasture.)

Where we live refugees from the Northeast and California have come flooding in, running from taxes and insane housing prices and congestion. With the refugees have come increased taxes, increased housing prices, and more congestion.

It's the way of the world we suppose. However, urban life is not a natural life. People are not meant to be stacked on top of one another living in shiny mirrored canyons. We are supposed to see the sun shine and grass grow.

(From The NY Times)
Our deepest anxieties about the future of where we live are embodied in other cities — in Portlandification, Brooklynification, Manhattanization. The comparison is seldom a compliment. You don’t want to become Manhattan (too dense), Portland (too twee), Boston (too expensive), Seattle (too tech-y), Houston (too sprawling), Los Angeles (too congested), Las Vegas (too speculative), Chicago (too indebted).
San Francisco has come to stand for the most specific set of horrors. It is the place where extreme poverty and tech wealth occupy the same block, while the schoolteachers and firefighters all live two hours away.

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